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In the long standing spirit of Recurse Center experimentation I’m running a personal pairing experiment. I’m interested in spending an hour or two where you walk me through your project, and we work on a feature together. Pairing works best for me on weekdays between 11am and 8pm EDT, but I can be flexible. We can pair remotely or in person if you are in NYC. These pairing sessions are completely free.

If you are interested email me at hi@kate.io with a little about yourself and any projects you want to pair on. I promise I will send you a response. If you don’t have a project in mind email me anyways, we can look at a project of mine.

Recently I’ve paired on:

I love to pair on things that are new to me, here is a wish list:

The project must not be commercial or a school assignment. I’m happy to try out programming languages that are new to me, but I’m only fluent in English. If we pair remotely you must have a connection that can handle real-time collaborative text editing and voice chat.